Olympic R/C Modelers

AMA Charter No. 2071

Port Angeles, Washington

For the current weather conditions at Fairchild Airport, call 360-457-1070 for an automated report. Our runway is about 080 / 260 degrees (for wind directions). The ceiling must be 1000' or greater and visibility at least 3 miles to fly at our field.
R/C is:
Flying radio controlled aircraft is fun. It doesn't matter what you fly - fixed wing, heli, multi-rotor, gliders, whatever. All types of aircraft and flying are allowed at our field.
R/C is:
The sport of radio controlled flying can be challenging, but in a good way. It will help you learn about aerodynamics, engineering concepts and the basic principles of flight. Radio controlled aircraft will add practical hands on experience for students interested in STEM as an aid to a career in aviation.
R/C is:
For Everyone
Age doesn't matter in r/c. From 6 year olds to 90+ year olds, club members all share the same love of flying. It is a great family hobby. Instructors are available to help you get started.

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